Anonymous: you ladies are STUNNING!

Thank you, that’s sweet!

Anonymous: hey! really liked your post on taylor swift. i don't really lister 2 her, but you seem passionate about her so i might start. btw how many sisters are in this blog? i see chinwe, zinny and enzinwo but i only see two girls. sorry just curious.

Lool. We’re just two sisters.. Zinny and Ezinwo are the same people. Ezinwo’s her actual name, but everyone calls her Zinny. 

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift!

Okay, so hardly ever do I give celebrities shout-outs on their birthdays, cause well the chances of them noticing such comments are pretty slim, and well I’ve quite frankly thought of it as a bit lame. But today I contradict allll of that and wish TAYLOR SWIFT a veryyy happy birthday!

So yes, I’m a hypocrite and I should probably be doing something more productive right now, but I’ve been seeing a lot of negativity about Taylor Swift lately and I just wanna clear the airrr. 

As you’ve guessed I am a huge Taylor fan. Literally. I think she embodies beauty, talent and modesty; and that’s more than I can say about anyone. Her lyrics and music especially move me, and they have me missing people I don’t even know. I love how her words have that effect on me. Unlike many artists of our generation, she writes her songs based on real emotions - not about ‘being in the club, popping bottles, and you know, being cool’. 

"You call me up again just to break me like a promise. So casually cruel in the name of being honest; I’m a crumpled piece of paper lying here, cause I remember it all too well" —Taylor Swift

She has kept the traditional story writing of country music (which I used to hate by the way) but added in a whole variety of different sounds. Taylor Swift can do country, pop, rock, blue grass and everything in between. She’s unreal. 

And to anyone out there who thinks she isn’t talented, you obviously don’t know much about her. Taylor plays the guitar, ukulele, banjo, piano, and she has a voice that I’d kill for. On her album ‘Speak Now’ she wrote every single song on there, and she’s at least co-written every song she’s ever published. How many artists do that these days?

Anywaaay, I think I’m ranting on. But yeah, I really do love Taylor. She’s an exceptional role model that would love to cry with her fans.  


Boys will break your heart. Real men will pick up the pieces.
Anonymous: hey! i saw one of you on blackfashion. wow that picture is like really cool


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These photos with my friends were from Fest Africa last weekend, it was a lot of funn.